Sansa M240 Problems.

I’ve seen a lot of people having the same problem, where the mp3 player stays frozen at the Sansa home screen.

The answer’s always the same: take it back.

Well, that option’s not available to me, as I bought this thing 3 years ago, and since my old mp3 player doesn’t work anymore, I want to give this one a shot.

Honestly, like a lot of others, I’ve tried everything: changing batteries, pressing all the buttons, switching the hold button on and off while trying different button combinations. Hell, I’ve even slammed it on things trying to get it to work.

My computer doesn’t recognize it as a device, and the mp3 won’t respond to anything.

Does anyone at all know how to fix this? D: My computer runs on Vista, if that is a factor for the computer problem, but it still doesn’t explain the freezing.

Thanks so so so much for your help. ;]

I am having the extra same problem with this model.  Used it about 15 times in the last 2 years (jogging).  For selling us this defective product, I think Sandisk should do the right thing by giving us some credit towards a newer model or exchange for a new model.

You can try this, out the player again on hold and connect your player on your computer for a long time and do it repeatedly, because at this time your device may be unusable, but i did also have the same issue and that works for me. :wink: