computer freezes M240

My computer freezes up when I try to access the removable disk (SanDisk Sansa m240 U S B Device). The MP3 files are still their,and playable on my headphones or line in devices but I can not access it on my computer to add or delete the MP3 files no matter what U S B  setting or firmware I try,and from what I have read this is a common problem.This unit is almost eleven month’s old, and I have lost the receipt. Can I send it back for a replacement or repair or do I have another option? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

so no matter what computer you try to access it on, it locks up the computer?

I have fixed the problem! I should have thought of this to begin with just update the device driver for the M240. Here is what I did, 1st set the U S B setting to auto detect, I don’t know why but it worked then connect the M240 to U S B port ,you will hear the tone alert letting you know their is something connected to your computer, then go to control panel then system properties then click hardware tab and click device manager their you should see a list of everything that is connected to your computer. Look for portable devices and click the “+” and it will show what portable devices are connected then right click on Sansa M240 the drop down will give you options, hit on update driver and that should solve the problem. If you have the M240 in the M S C mode it show it as a disk drive and reinstalling the driver dose not work. I am running Windows X P service pack 2 with A M D Sempron 2600+. I hope this info. is helpfull.

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Great news!  Let us know if you have any more problems.