m250 freezing problems


I was using my m250 no problem. The music loaded, it was playing fine, and I turned it off.  Later I went to use it again, and now it just powers up, the screen says “initializing” and then it sits at the screen saying “sansa m250 2.0 GB v4.0.44A”.  It won’t let me play any music, it won’t let me access the menu for the radio, and when I got it home, it now isn’t recognized by the computer when I plug it into the USB cable.  The battery was full, but I changed it anyway and that did nothing.

What do I do now?


your post sounds a lot like this one. Maybe you should call SanDisk tech support. 866.sandisk


Enigma is correct, looks like you need to speak with SanDisk Technical Support -  1-866-SanDisk


Did you ever get this resolved?  I have the same problem with it stuck in the Initializing phase and need to know how to get past it.  Thanks for the reply.

Hi all,

I phoned the tech line, and what we tried first was to get the computer to recognize the player by sliding the hold button to the right so there was some orange exposed and then plug it in.  My computer did not recognize it, so in the end, they had to replace it for me.

Hope that helps.


I had the same problem - Twice - with my m240. After much playing around with power and button combinations, I had it replaced. 10 days later, exactly the same thing happened. First chance to take it back to the shop 60 miles away, to be told “We don’t stock that model any more”. I had to downsize to m230.  Ah well  third time lucky?

I think this problem is far more prevalent than Sansa would like, or care to admit. I know it caused me a lot of trouble.