Initializing - Come ON

I have a M250, when I during it on - it says Initializing but doesn’t go any farther in the starting process. How can I get it going?

I realize this post is almost a year old, but I am having the same exact problem with my Sansa M260. I’ve searched for a solution but haven’t come across anyone else with this problem.

  • After turning it on, I see the “SanDisk Initializing” screen, then after about 5 seconds, it switches to the “Sansa, M260, 4GB” screen. And it becomes stuck in this loop.

  • After connecting it to my PC, it does not recognize the device at all. It turns on and gives me the same problem I stated above.

  • I’ve also tried the above with it being locked (hold switch moved over, showing orange), giving me the same results.

Is there any way I can MANUALLY reformat this device without having to connect it to the PC?

***Any other suggestions would be appreciated! ***


I have exactly the same problem… and no help seems to be in sight. I was a fool not to get an ipod!

here i am exactly the same problem too. :angry: