m250 bootup problem

I have Sansa m250 (2GB) bought in 2004. It was working properly until now. There is no physical damage or formating or software reinstallation done.

Now, if it is connected to battery and powered on, it shows the message “SanDisk Initialization” and does not complete boot up. It remains in the same screen until the battery is physical removed.

Even if it is connected to computer through USB, it shows the same screen and is not detected by the computer.

I don’t know whether it is a hardware or software issue.  Please provide the solution.

This is a fairly common problem with the M200 series players (that’s why I switched to a clip).  You can try the procedure in thread:


It requires taking the M250 apart, but it’s out of warranty and doesn’t work, so what have you lost. I used it on two M250’s before mine locked up so tightly it wouldn’t reset.