Sansa M230 failed to initialize

After sinchronization disconnect device. Now when power ON or connecting to PC - Sansa m230 is goes back in forward in Two screens: Initialize <->Sansa m230. Computer could not see the device. Any sugestions how to reset device

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IM having the same problem with mine! I think we deleted some kind of driver and we need to re-install it, But im not positive! If you know what to do to fix it please help me out!!!

Same happened to mine as well after year or two.  This problem has been reported many times and most people do not have any luck fixing the player short of dissassembling and replaceing the internal memory chip (and I do not know how to do that).  If it is still in the one year warrenty period, have Sandisk replace it.  If not you are likely out of luck.

After posting this I gave the pull the chip and replace it trick.  After many many times it came back to life.  You have to pull the chip off and put it back on pretty fast.  I was doing mine with the battery in versus being plugged into the computer but I do not know if that make a difference. 

The below is from user buttreport.  He should get credit for this fix.


hey i just registered to say that i may have cured my own m250 of the freezing problem that seems pretty common. The problem I experienced was that it froze while rebuilding the library and then would never get past the sansa screen nor would it mount on a computer. I just did it today so who knows how long it’ll stay fixed, but it might be worth a shot If yours isn’t under warranty anymore.

What I did first was remove the case (take the battery and the one tiny screw out and gently pry apart the two sides). On what would be the right-hand side of the player on the side opposite the screen there’s what looks like a small second tier of circuitboard (I assume it’s the memory chip) that comes out pretty easily if you pry up from the bottom. Loosen it a bit, but leave it connected. If you hold the battery in place and turn it on, then remove this chip the screen will change, saying there’s no memory, and if you then replace it, the screen will say no files and shows the battery icon.

So what I did was turn it off and plug it into my computer, where it sticks on the initializing screen. I did the same thing here: pull off that chip and then replace it, which actually got it to mount so you can format it (all my files were still on it, fyi). It’ll probably end up with the same problem again, but hopefully it’ll last a little while like this."

Thank you for hint. Working for me. To summarize: a) open device b) disconnect small connector on top - another side from USB (it should be memory). c) device will report that no memory d) connect back memory card e) select “format”  . After second time to try to run this sequence - device start to work.

To understand - what is the reason for this failure: I believe while sinchronization with PC need to have good battery, after sinchronization and disconnection of USB - need to give device some quiet time to finish operation. Do not try to remove battery, etc

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