Sansa m250 won't load past initialization screen

I have been doing some reading around and it seems as though other models of their player have similar if not exact problems as I am having so I’m not sure how futile posting this here will be but I’ll give it a shot anyway…

I bought my sandisk m250 at Circuit City yesterday. It was working just fine all through the evening and I successfully able to transfer many songs to the player and play them. Last night I powered it off and set it down. This morning when I powered it on I started having troubles. The player gets to the initialization screen and then stops doing anything else. I have this “Sansa m250 2GB” screen staring at me without a way to get to my songs. I tried taking the battery out (thinking the battery could have a problem) and replaced it with a fresh one and the same thing still happens. I tried removing the battery completely and plugging it back into my computer’s USB port but the same problem happens. I can’t even use Windows Media Player to access the songs. The computer only provides power to the player - it can’t access the memory contents of the player at all. Windows XP doesn’t even make the “device discovery” sound like it used to. I need help please.

I have tried putting the device in “hold” to try to get into recovery mode but it did not work.

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Your issue sounds similar to this

same problem did you get an answer. Thanks Pat

Same problem here, I have not heard any new solutions. Can’t get the computer to recognize player even when it is in “hold” mode. Is it fried?

Mine did the same thing.  It locked up on me.  I called support several times.  They had me re-format my player.  It worked - however it lost everything on it.  Now, if I could just transfer music to my player, I would be in good shape.  I keep getting error messages about my device’s certificate.

I can’t reformat my player because I can’t get my computer to recognize it… at all.

Update: I sent the player in and they’re going to replace it for free. I asked them how I could prevent this problem from happening again and tech support told me that problems rarely happen with their players. Well, after all of the searching I’ve done on the net to find a solution, I think that’s a load of crap. I guess the best I could do is update the firmware and simply hope. :S

More of the same.  I’ve had my m250 (2GB) since 1st of the year and just got freeze on either “SanDisk Initializing” or “Sansa m250 2GB” screen depending on if I’m powered thru USB or battery respectively.  Buttons on the m250 are rendered inoperable, the computer does not recognize when the m250 is plugged into USB so I can’t do anything from that end.
I am currently waiting to hear back from Tech Support on follow-up after trying their suggestions.  My wife uses an older 512 MB model that has always worked fine.  We pretty much use just mp3 formats mostly without playlists.
This needs a reset button.

Looks like I will get a return also.  That should clear it for me I guess.

considering they sellhundreds of thousands of units, and only say 20-30 people get the issue, its pretty rare. Thats just my opinion. Youll hear more about failures then sucess. Consider how many more people are just trying to get it working in general, as opposed to how many have their player freeze on a certain screen.


Try formatting in WMP, youll lose your stuff, but hopefully should fix your issue.

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I got my replacement from sandisk yesterday. There seems to be no issue so far. I guess I just had some really bad luck with the first one. I appreciate the replies.