M240 do not boot

My sansa M240 do not initialize. It jam to the start up screen ‘Sansa M240 1,0GB’. I can not access to the menu and my computer do not see it.  I already have change the batteries. Did anybody have an idee ???

Pop the battery out, engage the hold button and connect the player to your PC.   If it connects and is recognized, try to format it in My Computer…

hi… hav the same problem… followed ur advice… player turns on still showing frozen “Sansa m240 1.0gb…”

Doesnt appear on my computer… anything else i can do?  or is it just a piece of crap now? :cry:

Hi, I have the same problem. My Sansa m240 jamed in initializing… Have anyone fix this problem??

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Have you guys tried contacting support@sandisk.com to see if they can try to resolve the issue? If not they usually replace it (assuming its still under the 1 year warranty)