Sansa disk clip won't copy music/keeps freezing.

My sansa disk was working fine until recently. It refuses to copy music. I have 1.28 gb left on the disk.

I get that error message when I copy any song that’s mp3 format.

Also my Sandisk randomly skips songs/freezes/shuts off by itself (after freezing.) I have to turn it on/off to get it back working.

This could possibly be an issue with desktop. Have you tried another one to isolate the issue?

Tried another computer, still same issue and same error message

Also my Sandisk is getting worse; it randomly freezes, it doesn’t play songs (shuffles through them on its own,) and it crashes to the point that even turning it off and on doesn’t fix it; frozen.

At this point, I would format the player (erasing all content) and re-load. Are you only using mp3’s, or do you have a mixed bag of formats?

Also, are you using a PC or Mac (and/or iTunes)?

I’m using a PC and only Mp3 format (no itunes or otherwise.) I have my mp3 player covered in a protective case and it has never dropped in water/fell on the floor from a far area/etc. so I have no idea what the problem is.

Over time, adding and deleting songs can sometimes make the player go wonky. I’d make sure everything is backed up on your computer, and format it (from the Settings > System Settings menu). This clears the memory and optimizes the memory clusters, basically celaning it out like a good laxative. :wink:

This may help. If it doesn’t, all you’re out is the time it takes to re-load it. I’d try a few albums at a time and make sure there are no hiccups.

Thanks. I’m going to try that and see if it works. I tried it again today and it seemed to play ok but still had hiccups.