My Sansa clip freezes each time I try to play a song. It does not freeze when I try to do anything else with it. It does not matter which song I try to play. Whenever I try to play a song, it freezes, no music plays, and I have to restart the device. Any help is appreciated

Try running ChkDsk. Your music files may be corrupted.

2nd possibility? Wrong format ID3 tags, or strange characters that the player cannot decypher within the tag itself.

See this recently updated FAQ for more info on both problems.

This was happening to me with certain files.  So just on a hunch I decided to just put one album on there I knew had problems.  Wait for the freeze (which by the way is caused by some error when the player keeps reattempting to properly index the files.)

Its more like a timeout which locks it up for about 20-30 seconds. No need to hardreset, just be very patient.  

Anyway It froze so I basically re-encoded the whole album again to mp3 @ 320 (same as it was) and ive been listening to the album now nonstop with no problems.  Im sure its a combination of remaking the file stripped of all metadata/tags or just correcting a bad part of the encode.  

Thought that might help.