Clip Freezes When Selecting Particular Songs

My Sansa Clip is pretty much working fine, except for the fact that certain songs are causing the Clip to freeze when I select them. I’ve tried resetting the clip by sliding the power button up for about 10-15 seconds, but when I power it back up and try to play the song again, it freezes up again. Also, I’ve found that a few of the other songs by the same artist also cause the player to freeze.

I’ve seen this once or twice myself and after resetting a couple times, I could play the file.

Check your PM inbox…

I’ve rarely had this (on other players), and the cause can be the ripped music itself, requiring that it be re-ripped.

What do you mean by checking the PM inbox?
I’ve reset my clip quite a few times, and it still doesn’t seem to play certain songs that keep causing it to freeze.
At first I thought that it might be the music files itself that are corrupted or something, but the songs play perfectly fine on my computer and have been playing fine for a while now.

Are the songs in a format the Clip accepts?  Check the manual.

Yeah, the songs are in the right format. They’re the same file type as all my working songs, so I really can’t figure out what’s wrong. :cry: When I select one of the (not working) songs, the screen changes to the now playing type screen, and then the clip freezes at 0:00 and never plays the song. I always have to reset the clip to get it working again, and if I try to play the song again or the song is randomly selected when the shuffle option is on, the same thing hapens.

If your other songs are working fine then it’s probably those file specifically. Like “Miikerman” suggested, try removing the files, re ripping them and once again transfering them to the player.  Otherwise you can format the player and try again but u will have to re transfer all ur files if u choose to do so. :smiley: