Songs are there but do not play.

I have downloaded several songs on to my clip and I can see them on the player itself however they will not play. Instead the player shows the song and instantly skips to a different song that I had previously put on my clip. This only happens on the most recent songs I have put on the player and not with older ones that I have had on my player. The songs that I am having a problem with were downloaded and did not come from a CD.

Thank you in advance for your help. If there is a thread already covering this topic I could not find it and would appreciate a link. 

I forgot to mention they will either be skipped over or the player itself will freeze up and have to be restarted.

What types of tunes are they?  The Clip will play mp3 and WMA, and WAV, tunes.

They are MP3 files and when i check the properties of the old songs with the new songs everything looks the same.

I have a few songs that do this on my clip as well.  One of them freezes the clip anytime it is played, the rest just skip to the next song at a certain point during playback (always the same point in the song).  The weird thing is, if I rewind, I can go back to right after the point that it skips, and listen to the rest of the song.  I assumed they were corrupted tracks, but they seem to play fine in WMP.

Tunaboat, I haven’t tried this, but it’s what I was planning on testing next time I had a chance…

If the songs work fine on your computer, try burning them onto a CD, then ripping them back onto the computer as a new MP3.  Hopefully this would correct any “corruptness” that the clip is picking up.

Thanks for the idea Bowtie I will try that unless someone else comes up with another solution.