Sansa clip+ plays songs like a broken record, can I fix this ?

Hey, i just got my mp3 player yesterday, but as soon as I dropped few songs in there and tried to listen after half of the song it started reteating itdell/ playing like a broken record. Can somebody help me to fix this problem? It happened with few songs i tried to listen to, so help would be appreciated. Thaaanks!!! :slight_smile:

Is your player set to repeat mode?  

No, it’s not, I checked, but it isn’t the issue here, it’s not that it repeats the same song after it’s finished playing. It just gets stuck on a certain part of the song and keeps on repeating that part…And if you try to replay the song it gets stuck on the same minute again…

If it keeps looping at the same point(s) in the same file(s), it sounds like file corruption. If they’re files you imported (“ripped”) from your own CDs, delete the files from the player, re-rip them, then transfer them to the player again.

What if I do not have CDs for some of the music I own? How should i make them work and stop skipping?