My Sansa Clip+ messed up my mp3s - how's that even possible?

I had a few problems with my Sansa these days so I formatted her and put the songs back on… and it kinda worked… until tonight, when some songs were either playing only silence, or for instance a Beyonce song would only play a loop of three seconds… from a Michael Jackson song. So it was like the player physically altered the files. When I copied the files back onto the computer… they didn’t play the songs they were, but those sample-loops or just silence. At first I thought it’s some software glitch in the player, but obviously the files are altered or they wouldn’t play the same stuff on the computer…

Does anyone have ANY idea what happened?

Again, example: I have a Madonna song. It’s just silence now.

Or: I have a David Bowie song, but now it’s just three seconds of a Dr. Dre song in a loop.

Maybe they are just corrupted, it happens on all devices on occaision.  Hopefully you have them backed up somewhere. 

Maybe try using the Tools -> Error Checking command under Drive Properties.

Here is a good video on YouTube.

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