My sansa won't play my songs!

One day it was working fine and the next it won’t play any of my songs. The little bar at the bottom which tells you how far you are in the song won’t go at all, but if I go onto the radio it still works. My Sansa is now fully charged too. Help please! :slight_smile:

Did you try a system reset?  (On switch held up for 15-20 seconds.)  You also next could try to reformat from the Clip itself (although this will erase your files on the Clip).

Usually these symptoms indicate file system corruption. Should be checked from the computer. Most probably there will be a lot of lost file fragments found. A reformat may be worth a shot.

Just reformat, reload music and it will work… I was able just to delete all of my music and it was fine, but it would be easier for you just to reformat.