Sansa Clip+ wont play songs

After attempting to charge the player today the songs will no longer play.  I attempted to charge with the USB on the computer and unplugged, but the player was not charging it was stuck on a song that was paused.  Nothing would work so I followed the directions to hold the power button for 15-20 seconds and it shut off.  I turned it back on and tried to play a song but it scanned through everysong until the end and would not play any songs.  I deleted all the songs from my playlist when I connected it to the computer and it shows zero songs on my computer screen but on my player it still shows me as having a few songs left on there. 

How do I delete these songs that are still on there that will not play.  I click on play all or choose one song to play and it scans through all of them until the end and will not play anything.   

I am desperate.  I just purchased this in December for my son and he is not happy to loose this so soon after he took good care of it. 

Your sansa clip+ got corrupted. You might need to format the player to remove the corrupted files. Go to settings->system settings-> format -> Yes. Then reload your songs.