Sansa Clip not playing music

I recently got a sansa clip and everything was working fine until literally 5 mintues ago.  I put it on pause and now it wont play any songs.

It just sits at zero on every song and will not play them.  Any one have a work around on this?

Umm…would it be easier if I just contacted customer service? 

You need to give others some time to respond to you. And make sure you give as many details as you possibly can. When you look at the display do you see the little arrow pointing to the right (the symbol for play) right under the song? It shouldn’t be two little lines right next to each other (the symbol for pause).

The same thing happened to me. Apparently, the clip decided to just delete all of my files for some unfathomable reason - I merely turned the player off and back on a day later. Why did this happen? Can I expect it to keep happening?