No sound on Sansa Clip +

I was able to make my playlists and download music to my sansa clip + and on the screen it looks like the music is playing. But through the earphones (Tried two different sets and with the volume turned up all the way) nothing is happening. Can anyone help me?

Are you sure the PAUSE is not activated? Press the top (12 o’clock) button to see. Does the progress bar move as the song is ‘playing’?

Note: make sure the volume is turned down before trying this to avoid any potential hearing damage if the music suddenly starts blaring in your ears.

Thanks for answering me. Unfortunately no, the pause is not on. I’ve pressed every button I can to make sure nothing is wrong. The ‘bar’ is moving along as if the song is playing, and when I press another button, there are several  ‘bars’ moving up and down that I’m assuming are bass or treble. Sorry to sound so ignorant here. Maybe I should just give up and call support.

Calling Tech Support isn’t a bad idea. You’re sure the headphone plug is inserted all the way into the jack? The jacks are very tight on new players; sometimes you have to twist a litle while pushing on the plug to get it to seat completely.

You were right about the headphones. I didn’t have them pushed all the way in. I had pushed them in until they clicked and then stopped. With your advice, I pushed further and and they went all the way in. The  player works fine now! Than you so much!