Sound isn't coming out

I just got a new 1 gb sansa clip (V02.01.32A). I charged it and downloaded some songs, but when I tried to listen to music the screen shows the songs playing, but I can’t hear anything through the headphones. The volume is set to high, and I also made sure the volume bar on the side was adjusted. Everything appears on the screen as it should, but there is just no sound. I have tried 2 other pairs of headphones and still nothing. What could be the cause of this? Also, if this is important, I am using Windows Vista. Thanks!

Make sure you are pushing the phonoplug all the way in, should be a distinct click. If the progress bar is moving and you still don’t hear anything the unit is faulty. The indicator on the display should show a play symbol (solid >). If it shows a square block, unit is on pause, press the up symbol on the wheel.

Ah, I finally got it with your help. Thank you!!

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Ah, I finally got it with your help. Thank you!!

So . . . what was it? The headphone plug not pushed in all the way, or was it on PAUSE?

Inquiring minds want to kow (plus it helps those who come later seeking answers to similar problems). :wink:

sansa 2gb mp3 no audio from head set volume setting showing ok on screen, you checked the basics like lead all the way in sound set high enough ,but still no sound.tried other head sets same result,master reset/diconnect battery, same result.

So I took off the back cover, removed battery,memory card Got a small star screw driver removed two screws for removing rear panel and gently leaver it at edge,once removed this exposed another screw at headphone side of player removed this and same process gently leaver apart now all comes apart nicely exposing cercuit board and screen pry plug upward gentlyfor screen this comes away and now its easy to inspect plug for head phones where it mounts on the cercuit board.

What you are looking for is the plug has come away at the cercuit board at any of the three soldered points, What happens now is to use a small solering iron to resolder it back to board.if it wont resolder you need to unsolder remaining points if this is what you have found it will be quite visible excessive movement if you wiggle the plug gently, once removed you will need to look carfully  at points where plug was mounted on board ,if its shiny thats good as it means just resolder the head phone plug  back to board taking care not to use too much heat or solder , if its not  shinny you need to clean up cercuit board where the plug can pick up its signal for this you will need to extend the cercuit board. i cut a strand of electrical cable /fuse wire available at any diy thicker than hair hope you get can follow  this now you need to tin this/put solder onto wire now solder this to the board running it to point 1 cut and solder to length point  2 cut and solder and point 3 if required place head phone plug onto your connections/the extended  points you have just made .Now solder the plug in place all at each point  once soldered you can now glue plug as it now needs to be secured so all this work you have done doesnt go wasted this is to stop the plug moving and causing damage again.Refit mp3 and if you did a good job   you will be listenning to your tunes again as i have. good luck.  dont forget good lighting , quiet place, very small philips screwdriver,solder iron with point tip and preferably thin solder wire.::manhappy: 

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some times the head phone is pushed in  too hard and this damages the contacts where it mounts on the cercuit board, this is repairable by following instructions i posted earlier. but you need to totally dismantle MP3, its no too hard to do but if you are not good at this sought of thing then take pictures as you go along .be sure to have the tools i suggested as this makes the repair real easy. 

sure will do thanks .