sansa is on but no sound

hello? is there anybody out there? is there anyone home? My sansa clip started loosing sound about a month ago. All of a sudden it would just quit. The power is still on, the fm radio station is tuned in and the volume is cranked. Just no sound? Headphones are fine. I would charge it and it would somehow reset and be fine. Now that won’t fix it. I’ve pushed every button I could, the hammer is next. Anyone have any ideas as to how I fix this?

Perhaps a silly question, but:  is the radio by any chance paused?  Press the top (12 o’clock position) button to play and pause the radio.

Your pretty silly. I’m tech dumb. It happens when my hand is in my pocket fumbling for keys, change, etc. Now I just feel stupid. I thought I had hit every possible button combo. Oh well it only took ten years for my wife to get a cell phone into my pocket…now she wants me to learn to text…ha! I was born with fat fingers. Thanx for the tip.

No prob.   :slight_smile:    And it’s not just you–it just seems, well, weird to “pause” or “play” a radio.  

Thanks so much for a pithy and spot on piece of advice.  Very helpful!!!

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Very helpful and accurate. Thanks

Oh my goodness!  I had the same problem.  No sound on the radio, but the sound was fine on my stored music.  Such a simple solution.  Thank you!

I feel so stupid, here it is 2015 and I’ve had this zip clip for 3 years and at the gym today (which is the only place I use it) at the end of a Frank Marino song the sound just quit. I waited and waited for the next song and it never came. I thought “what the hell”? So I pulled it out of my pocket and looked and the banner was scrolling for the next song. Everything looked fine, but no sound. So when I got home I hooked up another set of headphones and nothing. So I went to the inet and looked for how to reset, resetted the clip and nothing, still scrolling but no sound. Then came across this fix and skipped it the first read because it was “SCROLLING”. This is what had me fooled. Because it was SCROLLING, I thought it wasn’t paused. So I kept reading. Then thought to myself, “what did it say to push for pause”? So I came back to this and read again about pushing the pause button and pushed it and VIOLA! Sound finally!

Somehow while doing squats, with the zip clip in my pocket, the pause button got pushed at the very end of a song, I mean in the dead area between songs, even with the lock on. And because the name of the artist was scrolling across the screen I figured it couldn’t be paused, so that never crossed my mind. AND even if you advance to the next song, it will advance but it will still be paused. So a warning:


LOL Have a great day!

I think most of us have been there with tech. . . . .    :wink:

Sansa mp3 is on & running but no volume. How to fix?  It appears to be fully charged.