Broken radio (no audio)

Hi, I’m new here.  I have a sansa clip (4GB) that I bought a little over a month ago.  Sometime last week the radio stopped working – the receiver seems to work, in that it moves up and down the dial and can move from preset to preset, and I can delete all the presets and have it do an auto scan.  But I am getting NO audio from the FM radio.  I get audio fine for the music files.  I tried resetting the player according to the isntructions (holding the power bar in the “up” position for 15 seconds), but it doesn’t change anything.  Any ideas of what’s gone wrong?  Help!

Press the “Play button”  to unmute the FM.

Whoa, I was wondering whether there was some buried “mute” command but I never would’ve guessed it was the Play button (it’s not mentioned in the instructions).  Thanks!!  (and I’m very glad it’s not something more serious!)


   I have a Sansa Clip to which I just downloaded a book and now I have no sound.  I actually do not know where the ‘play’ button is… I have pressed every available button but still…no sound.  Help!  I think I am too old for this stuff!

The play button is at the top of the circle.  It looks like this  >ll.  > is play, ll is pause or mute.  I hope this helps. 

THANK YOU so much for that post and response!  I thought my clip was broken and was about to return it to the retailer.  I hope there aren’t any other secret, undocumented controls!

I am so glad I found this post. I knew it was something simple, and was having the same problem.  Why on earth isn’t this in the user manual?  I could see the little square above the song name, but didn’t realize that it was the symbol for stop, and when I press play the square is replaced with the triangle indicating play.  Terrible instructions, glad the thread was there!

Ok, I’ve had mine for a couple months now and it’s been working well. But just a couple days ago the audio went to mute. I have no idea how either. It wont play any of the songs I’ve synced on to it. Please help!!

I also was getting no audio on the radio glad I found the answer here.

Incorporation of the play/pause function on the same button is fairly common for music devices.