FM radio

My wife uses her clip+ almost exclusively on FM radio. She complained this morning that it was giving no sound. I have been through past messages on this subject but can find no way of curring the problem. It is not muted. I have tried renewing to presets but nothing helps. The unit was only purchased at Christmas and has worked perfectly up until today. The music I loaded for her plays ok. Can you help - I don’t want a divorce after 54yrs of marriage. :smiley:

Funny that you mention this, but my FM just went dead on me the other day.  It then came back just as suddenly, after I had either turned the player off and then back on one or more times, or reset it (holding the on button down 20-30 seconds)–I just kept trying these remedies. 

Thanks so much, for your reply. The problem seems to have cleared itself with no intervention from me. It may just have been an atmospheric blip. Who knows. Come to that, who cares, as long as it is working. We both get great pleasure from these little beauties. Best investment I ever made. Thanls again.