No audio from FM

I just got a Sansa Clip+, and was trying out the FM radio.  It was working fine, then I pressed the control to adjust the volume, and the audio cut out completely.  I can listen to songs that I download to the player, but there is now no sound at all from the FM radio.

It is possible that I hit more than one button at a time while I was trying to adjust the volume, since the Clip+ is so tiny.  Could this have muted it somehow?

The pause/mute button is the top button (but not the small, “home” button) on the face of the Clip+.  To un-pause/un-mute, press it again.

But given what you write, I wonder if that is the issue.  It could be a hardware malfunction, which would require replacement.  Or (although unlikely), a software malfunction–if the issue does not go away, you could try reapplying the firmware (see the firmware upgrade sticky at the top of the forum).

Thanks, that fixed it!  I didn’t realise that you could mute the FM.

At times, I wish the Clips had regular pause/stop buttons–this issue causes confusion at times (for me as well!).