No Sound From FM Tuner Anymore...

Purchased a Sansa Clip+ 1/30/10 

Today my tuner started acting up, now no sound.  I used to be able to jump through pre-set stations to listen to one of 3 TVs at the gym or other FM stations. Today when changing to different pre-sets the display would show the different channel but it would act paused. Push the square again and it would un-pause on the previous chanel.  Then it went dead.

Charged for 3 hours

Finally got it to turn on

My computer does recognize it

Updated firmware to v01.02.09a

My music is still there and plays well

I’ve tried other earbuds with no change, wigglen wires and plug in

I can view radio channels, and change them.  I can see the pause (mute?) square and the unpaused arrow

FM region is correct at USA

FM mode stereo

Any ideas?


OK, this is weird.  Today I turn it on and the FM works.  Thank goodness, because it’s the main reason I bought it and may buy one for my wife next month. 

All my settings are the same as they were yesterday when I posted the problem.

I guess the clip just needed a good chewing out and quiet time?

My wife says “if it quit once it’ll quit again”.

I hope she’s wrong.


The most confusing quirk to the FM radio is the Play button.  If you press Play, note the change in the icon- it mutes the radio.  Many users have been surprised to find that you can effectively “mute” the FM audio.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: