Sansa Clip wont work properly - scrolls through songs and wont play any of them

My Sansa Clip worked for about a month and now when I try and play a song on it it just rapidly scrolls through every song I have installed on it and stops on one particular song and freezes. It won’t play that song - just always stops on it.
It has done this for over a month and then one day it played fine. Now it’s back to that quick scrolling, no music problem.

I tried letting the battery run out because it wouldn’t turn off. I recharged it and still the same. I’ve tried resetting the factory setting but nothing helps. Suggestions?

p.s. It’s too late to return. The one I ordered before this lasted a whole week before the clip snapped off and I returned it and got this one. The one I had a few years ago played great for a long, long time. Sad the quality doesn’t seem as good anymore. :frowning:

Have you tried resetting it or running ChkDsk/Error-Checking on it? What format are the files in that it scrolls past? Are they a supported format (.mp3, wma, etc.)?

nope. I never knew I could do a check like that on the sansa clip.

the files are mp3’s. They’ve always worked in my last sansa clip and on this one for a short time. Now this craziness. I was thinking of maybe deleting everything and is it possible to reinstall firmware or something like that? Or can I just somehow revert to factory settings?

So, a few things to try.

1.  You might try manually reapplying the latest firmware–code can become corrupted.  It’s very easy and quick to do–see the firmware sticky thread at the top of this forum.

2.  If that doesn’t work, you might want to reformat the player, under its System settings–this sometimes can fix inexplicable issues.  Note that this will erase all your user content on the player (but not the SanDisk operational files)–if there is something you want to save, copy it to your computer first.

Let us know how things go–good luck!

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Just to be a little more step-by-step for Miikerman’s suggestions.

For CHKDSK connect the unit, right-click, Propterties, Tools, Error-Checking.

For the firmware, use the Manual method in the firmware thread. Don’t install the Updater. Just download the firmware file, unzip it and drag it over to the SANSA CLIP driveletter.

To format: Settings/System Settings/Format.

I just fixed the problem by going into settings and formatting it. You’ll lose all your stuff but it works now.