My Clip is being decidedly difficult.

Alright, so I got my clip maybe a few days before christmas, and once around the 27th it froze, and eventually, it worked again, and since then there has been  no issues. Until yesterday, when it would freeze, or my screen would not change (I’d hit menu, back back, to try and get back to arists from the current song, and it would show the same thing) Or it would just go and I’d hit play on a diffrent song,. yet i’d still hear the previous, while reading i’m listening to a different song.

Sometime it won’t turn on. Do I need to get a new clip? I keep my clip safe and always in a small protective case, and it’s never been wet. Help?

Have you updated your Clip’s firmware?  If you have the currnt version, you can reinstall a fresh copy by using the manual method.

If the Clip is freezing on specific tracks, you can reload those tracks, or check the volume for errors using Disk Management or chkdsk.