Clip software problem maybe? freezing problem

Ok heres my problem - While just driving and listening to my mp3s on the player it got to this one song and it just started to play it and just stopped, i have had this problem before where i guess it may or may not have a hard time reading the file? but anyways it always fixed it to just by restarted it, but this time i did that and it started up very very slow, or just stop at the opening icon.

i was before able to do file transfers while trying to fix it, but it for whatever reason doesn’t even want to let me do that now when i got back home… some times when i plug it in, it says the clip needs to be reformated to work. but if you even try that it just doesn’t do anything.

some times when trying to update it using the firmware software it will not even show i have one pluged in. i am trying to just throw in the file it’s self right now but its not doing anything but still calculating how long and the speed if it will ever work.

Is there like a hard way to reset it, because anything i do just seems like it just sits there and freezes up on me?

thanks guys

With the original Clip, hold the on switch uppermost for 15-20 seconds.