Clip won't play music files

Hi, my Sansa clip has been working fine for over a year now, but recently, it stopped playing music files. Everything else (menus, radios, etc.) works fine, but when I select a music file (or podcast or audio book file), I get the normal starting screen with the time counter at 00:00 and the pause symbol. When I press “play”, the pause symbol changes to the play symbol, but nothing else happens: the file doesn’t play and the time counter is frozen at 00:00.

The player is recognized by my computer, but I can’t see any music files on it and I can’t copy files onto it if I connect it by just plugging in the USB cable.

Interestingly, when I use the recording function, the recordings will play without problems. 

I tried the following:

* reformat the player : same problem

* connect to PC by putting the clip in “hold” and pressing the center button: Then I can copy files onto the player, and at first the files played fine, but after a day, the same problem (files won’t play) re-occured.

* flash to latest firmware: same problem

* format the player from PC: same problem

I’m running out of ideas. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Can you tell us where did you get your files from and the file format. If they came from CDs, you might want to try reRipping them under MP3 format.

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They’re all MP3 files. I got some by ripping them from CDs and others from online stores such as Amazon.

The same files used to play without problems on the same player (some had been on there for over a year and have been played dozens of times before).

I have the same issue as TGlimm with my Sansa 8G clip V02.01.16A.  I use my player mostly with Rhapsody.  As with TGlimm, my Sansa FM radio works fine, and when I have my Clip connected to my laptop, Rhapsody sees all the music on the Clip, and I can even play the music on the Clip in Rhapsody.  But when I try to play music on my Clip, using ear buds, as with TGlimm, the player seems to be stuck.  When I hit Pause (press 12 o’clock on the wheel) the indicator toggles between pause and play modes.  But the song does not start playing.  Also, I should mention that I am able to navigate normally throughout the menu structure.  I am hoping that there is a solution and that it does not involve reformatting my Sansa, because I have around 1400 songs on it.  If I must reformat, I saw somewhere that someone had mentioned that I can just create a playlist in Rhapsody, then drag my music from my Sansa to the playlist.  I assume that this just copies the directory, not the actual songs.  So once I fix my issue, I can just drag the items in the playlist back onto my Sansa.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

I am having the same problem!!!

Update: Just as mysteriously as the problems had shown up, they resolved themselves… Mostly. Somehow, after about a week of trouble, everything worked again. There are occasional glitches, for instance, this morning, the clip turned off and when I turned it back on, all files were gone.

Seems like the player is on its way out. I guess they’re not meant to last much longer than a year or two.

I did had the same problem with Sansa clip but it was resolve by formatting it and reloading all the music files.

My 4gb Clip is doing exactly what tglimm described.  It wont play the Mp3 files, the computer doesn’t see them when I hook up the Clip and Overdrive doesn’t recognize the Clip for downloads.  The FM radio works fine but I was in the middle of a really good book!.  I haven’t tried reformatting it since, I don’t know how.  (I don’t know how to do service packs either).  I’m about as technical as a rock.  This Clip was received on July 15th of this year as a replacement under warranty for my other Clip, which just gave up the ghost earlier this summer.  A less than 3 month old player should function, don’t you think?

Most of the files I download are audiobooks from the library through Overdrive.  Every once in awhile I rip and sync a CD but I don’t have any of those on the Clip right now.

I’m very sad and frustrated about this situation.  Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

I figure it out… at least for mine!

You don’t have to format it or anything crazy, just reset your mp3 player to factory settings. It must be a setting that is faulty or something.