Clip unable to play certain mp3 files which play on computer

I downloaded episodes of Yes Minister from the website  These appear to be mp3 files.  Playing them on the clip locks up the clip.  But playing them on a computer from the clip works fine.  I’ve found no other problems so far using the clip, with firmware v29.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.

Not having a Clip myself, I can only speak generally. “Generally speaking” though :smileyvery-happy:, Sansa’s are notorious for “hanging” or “freezing” on anything that has ANY inconstistancies in the ID3Tag. Look at the file in Windows Explorer and verify that it IS an .mp3 file. There are some formats out there that the Sansa’s won’t play. Then right-click on the file and select PROPERTIES, click on the SUMMARY tab and the ADVANCED button. Look to see if anything is out of line; strange or foreign characters, very long strings of text (example: very long title, etc.), or duplicate information in different fields. You should be able to high-light the fields and correct the info here. You can also use MP3Tag, a free program, to examine & edit your tags more thoroughly. You can get it here.

If this is indeed the case, make the corrections on the file on your computer, delete the one on your Clip, and re-copy the corrected one back to your Clip.

Not sure that this is your problem, but it’s a good place to start.

I downloaded the first file from the site and it won’t play on my clip, but doesn’t lock it up.  Just an audio glitch noise then it is back to pause mode.  Interestingly it causes MediaMonkey to crash, but plays OK with Windows Media Player and Quicktime.

I’m wondering if it just has some bad parts in the MP3… I had a creative Muvo years ago that wouldn’t play some files and that was the problem.  I have a program at home that I can use to scan the file for such glitches and remove them… I’ll give it a try tonight. 

Well I’m stumped.  I didn’t find any bad frames.  I did find a tag that was very long with “bad” characters… removal didn’t help.  I then deleted both v1 and v2 tags and replaced only the v1 with a simple album, artist and genre… that didn’t help either.

For the record, I have never encountered an MP3 file that bombed on the Clip due to tag contents. Not saying it’s impossible, but there is a far more likely reason - and it’s not really Sansa’s fault.

The file encoding needs to be investigated - it could be MP3Pro encoded, or an odd VBR encoding / fixed bit rate that’s not supported by the Clip. IIRC there are limitations and there’s a thread about it here someplace, or maybe on the ABI forum…

Try viewing the file properties in Windows (advanced, etc.) or with a utility that will display the bit rate and other encoding details and compare these to a selection that DOES play and I think you may just find the reason…

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