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I just bought the sansa 2g clip and cannot get any of the songs that i have downloaded to play. I can play the preloaded songs. I’ve seem some postings about wma and mp3 formats and I checked the songs on my computer from where i downloaded them and they are mp3. I updated the firmware in case I needed that. Still nothing. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!


How did you load the songs?

Are you using Windows XP? What Service Pack?

Vista. I’m not sure what sp as i am at work, but, it is a new pc so, should be latest?? I used the sync option in windows media player. i’ll post the sp after work if you still need that.


I’m using windows vista home basic version 6 build 6000 - any help will be appreciated!!!





I suppose what you’re suggesting is that the tracks didn’t transfer but wanted to confirm that assumption.

Two basic scenarios:

  1. The songs didn’t transfer.


  1. The songs transferred but aren’t playing.

Do you see the songs on the Clip under “Music->Songs”?  

If you don’t see them there, in the odd chance that what you transferred had genre of Audiobook or Podcast, do you see them under “Music->Podcasts” or “Music->Audiobooks”?

Your answers can help isolate where the problem resides.

The songs did transfer and i do see them under music>songs. I can play the preloaded songs. When i try to play my downloaded songs, the timer changes to 1 second and then stops it that helps any.


Vista is up to date.

However, there are some variables under your control which may need to be adjusted…

It seems like the songs are in the wrong format. What is the file extension on them?

Where are your songs coming from?

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i ripped some music cd’s to my computer using windows media player and then downloaded them from there to the clip. on the pc the extension is mp3 which i assume that is what they are on the clip - i don’t know how to look that up on the clip


Looking on the PC is what I meant. MP3 should be fine.

Sometimes it seems the data base gets confused. Assuming all you music is backed up on your computer, go to Settings and Format your player.

Add some songs back to test it out. 

If it still has an issue, update the firmware from the thread pinned at the top of this forum.

I think one of these two thing will fix it. If not let us know. 


I agree with Tweet’s postings about formatting and ensuring you have the latest firmware.  If that doesn’t work, here are a couple of thoughts: 

  • Have you confirmed that the ripped tracks play okay in Windows Media Player?   I’d bet they do but it doesn’t hurt to be sure.

-  When you described the tracks playing for just a second, I think I had that problem once when my digital rights had expired…I think.  It was a long time ago.  There is an option in Windows Media Player to apply digital rights when ripping.  But you ripped to MP3 using Windows Media Player and my version of WMP (v.11 under Windows XP) says it’s not possible to apply digital rights to MP3 files. I presume that’s true for Vista but worth verifying.

Yes, they play in windows media player,  and I updated the firmware and I cannot find anything in my version of windows media player about digital media rights.  i bought and downloaded a track from rhapsody and cannot even copy it to the clip. i get error msg that there has been a problem in obtaining the device certificate. The songs play in media player and rhapsody. i’m lost!

Could it be an issue with the way they were ripped?  what bit rate was used?

Given all the things you’ve tried and yet you have never been able to play a transferred track on your new Clip, I reckon your best recourse is to request an RMA from Sansa.  Getting a track to play shouldn’t be this hard!  Good for you for trying…though no one has yet suggested clicking your ruby slippers three times and wishing on a star. :smiley: My family has three Clips and we’ve never encountered any problems like you’ve described.   One way or the other, best of luck to you to have a working Clip soon.

I found that when i download them as WMA they play whether downloaded from rhapsody or copied from CD’s.  Also, I did not use Windows Media Player, I used the Rhapsody program to manage the device.  So, I am going to stick with this for now - obviously the clip works, I just have to figure out why only WMA format which I am not concerned with right now.  I want to Thank everyone for their help!!!


Glad that things are working…somewhat. Just realized what you had written in an earlier message:

i bought and downloaded a track from rhapsody and cannot even copy it to the clip. i get error msg that there has been a problem in obtaining the device certificate

This topic is foreign to me because I don’t use Rhapsody and rarely do I use DRM-protected material.  But I searched and found a few threads that talked about this kind of problem. Like this one:

…which points to this one:

I wouldn’t think the situation applies to your case but one never knows.

And here’s another similar-sounding thread:

The latter thread also includes CD ripping as you had done. Again, good luck finding the root cause of the problem.

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