New Clip. Only plays pre-loaded songs

I’m running Vista.  Plugged into USB and started charging.  Windows saw it right away.  Played the songs from the Sansa drive.  Sounded great.  Dropped my WMA’s into the music folder.  there are unprotected WMA I converted from MP3’s.  Plays fine on my LG Chocolate phone.

When I try to play, it just skips the song and continues to the next, skips it and continue’s …  When it gets to a song that was preloaded, it does play those.  I noticed they are MP3’s.  I am dropping WMA’s (64 bitrate).  

What could be the problem.  Seem’s like it is running the latest firmware after I updated it.  Help.

First, 64Kbps wma is a gnarly sounding proposition.  The compression is fine if space is at a premium, as on a cell phone, but the processor of the Clip will allow you to really hear the detail…and the resulting sound may make your dog growl at you.

The Clip will skip the files if they do not have proper ID3v2.3 tags on them.  This is easily rectified by downloading a good ID3 tag editor like MP3Tag.

Test the interface by ripping a CD using the Windows Media player integrated into Vista.  The User Guide has a handy tutorial on how to do this (Have you downloaded the User Guide?), if it’s your first time.  I had never used the ripping function for this purpose…years ago, I simply found it interesting to “add music to my library” so that I could play on the wee PC speakers at the office.

Little did I know how much I’d use the application years later, once I discovered the Sansa Monsta!

Take this ripped CD (be sure that the track information was pulled from the Internet, as this information is the famous ID3 tag information), and right click on one of the tracks while in WiMP.  The “advanced tag editor” should pop up, and you can have a look at the information.

If all is well, you can sync the CD to your new Sansa and see if this plays OK.  Then, knowing that all is OK, attack the “phone music” issue with your newly honed skills.

Welcome to the Sansa community!  Post any questions here…there may be a delay in waiting for someone to address your issue (we all have things like work and children, barnstorming, or lion taming going on), but you’ll certainly find asistance here!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

WMP and Winamp and my phone all display the song info while playing.  Wouldn’t that me that it is in there?  64 bitrate sounds fine on my pc.  Are you saying that with the clip it will be a noticable difference?  I mainly did this because I needed more room and I was getting ready for my little 2gb clip.  I found that the 64 bitrate MWA files sound as good or better then 128 MP3’s at 128 bitrate.

Thanks for responding.  I think I figured it out.  I had encoded these as Windows 10 Professional which must not be supported.  Re-encode one song as WMA 9.2, uploaded it and it played fine.  Converting all 750 songs over to 9.2 as I type.  Hopefully all will play fine.  At 64 bitrate, I really don’t hear a difference between 10 Pro and 9.2 anyhow. 

the clip should play 64kbps wma fine. id3 tag info is not required for playback on the clip. if the id3 tag info is missing the file will be sorted alpha numerically by file name (artist and album will show up as unknown).

what application did you use to convert the files?

are you sure you did not convert them with copy protection?

try syncing the original mp3 file to the device and see if it can play.

make sure the files dont have copy protection and try formatting and reloading the songs. if you are still seeing the same issue try posting a link to one of the songs so someone here can test it.

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