a weird issue

hi everyone, first post but I will try to explain my problem as detailed as possible. i plug up my clip to the usb cord and I try to put songs on it thru WMP , the songs act like they are being syncd and put onto the mp3 player, i disconnect it when it says it is safe to and then I go to play the song on the mp3 player and it will not play it. it skips thru the song without even playing it, it acknowledges that the song is on the mp3 player but for some reason it just skips thru all the songs I have on there really fast. it’s never done this before and i’ve had it for over a year now. any idea on the issue? I’ve updated the firmware and reset the settings, etc… please help

What is the format of the files that skip through? Are they a supported format?

If they are files you “ripped” from your own CDs and you used WMP’s default ripping settings, they are protected (DRM-crippled) Windows Media Audio files. While Sansas will play run-of-the-mill WMA files, they won’t play the protected variant. Protected WMA files (and any other unsupported format) produce exactly the results you described, by the way.

If this is the case, you’ll have to re-rip the files to unprotected WMA or another supported format.