Sansa Clip Zip problem

When I drag my music into the player, it seems work just fine until I go to play it.    I go to the album to play the music, but it just scrolls through the songs;  about one per second.   When I click on it on my computer however, it plays just fine.   What am I doing wrong? 


You should try posting in the Clip Zip section instead of Clip/Clip+.  Maybe you will get some answers there.

Look closely at the type of file and file property details to make sure it’s a supported file type and bitrate.  Someone recently passed me a lossless WMA file which wouldn’t play. Sure it’s WMA and Clips play WMA files in general, but they don’t play super-high-bitrate WMA.  My player skipped over the song like you described. 

As noted above, the files likely are not of a file type compatible with the clip.  Here’s the compatibility listing from the Clip Zip manual. – see page 2.

     Music player: Plays your favorite music content from nearly every source (MP3,

    WMA, secure WMA, Ogg Vorbis, Flac), AAC (DRM-free iTunes).

And if you still have a question, post the file type here. 

I have this exact same problem, but it isn’t the file format because sometimes they play fine and if it’s doing this then it  will do it on any folder on the card, mp3 and wma. I have to turn the clip zip off and back on a few times to get it to work right. One time it wouldn’t turn off until I held the button down for over a minute. Also, sometimes when I click to play a file, nothing happens except a display of the play button.  This is erratic behaviour, not really following a pattern except that it happens pretty much every day.

Any help with this?

It still could be a file format and/or ID3 tag issue, resulting in the files sometimes playing, and sometimes not.  You might want to look into these isues.  

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