CLIPZIP skipping songs

I am having trouble with my Clipzip skipping the songs i loaded. I loaded everything and they are WMA fils. The clipzip keeps skipping through all the songs without playing them, and the songs on the clipzip that came with it are mp3 and they do play,


Where did these .wma files come from? Did you rip them yourself with Windows Media Player from CD’s?

Funny thing about the .wma extension. It’s used in regular .wma files, but also with the WMA Lossless (or Pro) format. This lossless format is not supported by the Zip (or any Sansa mp3 player for that matter).

What is the bit-rate of the these files? If it is between 470 and 940 then they are Lossless files and that is why they won’t play and get skipped over. You’ll have to re-rip with a different setting.