Songs Listed but Won't Play

I’ve downloaded around 200 songs to my clip.  The songs were all free downloads from the internet - no licensed/subsciption music.  There are numerous songs listed that don’t play.  The screen shows the song has paused and there’s no way to make it continue.  I have to forward on to another song - very annoying. 

After reading numerous posts I’m wondering if it has something to do with being either an MTP or MSC format?  I had my Clip set to USB, Auto Detect when I copied all the music.  

Is there some way I can fix this?  The songs that don’t play won’t copy back to my computer (using WMP).  I was planning on changing the USB to MSC format and syncing them back on the clip to see if this would help. 

In the future do I need to change the USB to either MTP or MSC (instead of Auto Detect) prior to copying music to my clip?  Will this prevent the problem? 

Thanks so much for your help. 


It’s not an MSC/MTP issue–that issue only is that music that YOU transfer to the Clip in one mode or the other is only visible on your computer, when showing the Clip’s contents, when you are connected in the earlier transfer mode.  Personally, since I don’t use DRM music/files (in which case you generally need to use MTP mode), I set the Clip to MSC mode, which is more universal on computers and so that I know that I always will see all my music when connected on my computer.

Is your music all in a format that the Clip can decode?  For example, the Clip can’t play AAC files used on Apple players.  See the Clip’s User Manual (available through the Clip Specifications sticky thread at the top of the forum).

Thanks for you quick reply.  OK, a dumb question.  How do you find out what the format is?  I’ve tried to check and can’t figure it out.


The format is listed at the end of the music file’s name, after the dot (".").  Thus, Bridge Over Troubled Waters.mp3  has been encoded in MP3 format.  You can get to the file listing by connecting the Clip to your computer, clicking on the relevant icon for the Clip (often the “E” drive), and then clicking on the folder where the files were placed.

The Clip plays MP3, WMA, WAV, Audible and Ogg files (did I miss one there?).

On my Sansa Clip, my music (.mp3) files play fine.  However, my AudibleAudio files (.aa - format 4) won’t play.  They seem to sync ok from my WMP but no sound.  I have downloaded the AudibleAudio books from my paid subscription and they play fine on the WMP.  Just not on my Sansa Clip.  Any suggestions?

Do you need to use the Audible software to transfer Audible files?

Use the Audible Manager to transfer your books.