clip+ freezing

My Clip+ mp3 is freezing, I even can`t turn it on! it enters at Refreshing your media inmediatly and stuck! help me please,


Reset:  hold the on button down for 20-30 seconds or more.

You’ve probably got one (or more) songs on it that the player cannot read the ID3 tag for some reason.during the database refresh.

There are like a gazillion discussions on this issue/topic here on the forum (in multiple boards). You shouldn’t have any problem finding some using the Search function. Basically, you should format the player, which will remove all your content from the player quickly and easily, download and use MP3Tag to edit the tags of the files on your computer, checking formats and deleting anything in the Comments field, and then transferring the newly edited files back to the player. I’d also recommend doing this a few albums at a time rather than all at once, so if there is still a problem you can narrow down which albums/tracks might need more attention tag-wise. :wink: