Major problem with the player

My Sansa clip+ 2 GB mp3 player crashes when trying to transfer music to it from computer.

I’m using Windows 7 and when i drag the music to the players folder and let the files go, the computer freezes, it just wont do anything. And after 10-15 seconds the player freezes to, it just says: Connected to pc and the picture isnt moving.

I tryed to update firmawere, didnt help. I cant transfer music at all. It crashes approximately 5 from 6 attempts to transfer the music.

Please help.

We’ll need some more info to go on here. To start:

What format are the files you’re trying to transfer?

What USB mode (on the player) are you using?

How large are the individual files you’re trying to transfer? Are they humongous?

How many at a time are you trying to transfer?

Are you dragging them to the Music folder?

Have you tried a different USB port?

The files are mp3, no other.

Auto detect mode

The size is avarage song size 3/4/5mb

It crashes anytime is it 1 song or 5 being transfered.

Yes to the music folder

I just tried a different USB port it didnt freeze but that happened befoure to, so it may just freeze in a few days. Like i said: it comes it goes.

Didnt had this problem earlyer tho. It started few weeks ago and i bought the player half a year ago.

I mean eather if its the problem with the USB port, and i have to change, its still something you should consider fixing, arent you? :slight_smile: