audio problems

We bought our daughter a Sansa c240 last Christmas and have had nothing but problems.  The first one was determined to be defective…kept losing all songs in its memory and no troubleshooting could fix it.  Now the replacement we got has audio problems.  It is hard to describe but the full stereo sound isn’t coming out the left earphone.  I have checked the earphones on other pplayers and they work fine and I have tried other earphones on her player and we get the same problem.  I was wondering if anyone had experience with this sort of thing?

At this point, I don’t want another c240 but just credit to get another SanDisk product (we have good experience with other products).

Well, if you got it for chrismas, it should still be under warranty.  But i dont think you will be able to get credit for another product.  It cant hurt to call and ask!

What firmware is your unit using?

I have two of the C250 (ver 1) units that BOTH units have decided to spontaniously drop the left channel.

Our fix was to power the unit down, then power it back on, and the left channel would return.

Also since we downgraded our firmware to 1.01.00P we have had no problems with since. (see other threads on firmware update.)