c240 riight channel not working

Hi, my son has a c240…it’s actually his second one.  The first one was replaced by SanDisk when I complained that the right channel of the earbuds was not working unless you pulled the plug out partially and that it was the case with multiple sets of buds.  So they sent a new unit.

Now my son tells me this new one is only (or mostly) playing with nothing over the right earbud and again it is with multiple sets. 

Is this a common problem?  Does anyone know if there is a problem with the jack or something on this model or maybe it’s really just something my son is doing…I don’t know. 

I’m not sure if I have the same one-year warranty on this replacement unit although I would think it comes with it’s own warranty. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I’ve read about this is various players, it seems that the soldering b/w the headset jack and the player itself becomes loose. I read that this can happen if a person gets a a bit over joyed when using their headphones and jams it in the jack, when in reality not that much force is needed.

if its his 2nd one with the same issue, I would lean towards being a little more careful with the product. I onyl say this becuase its the same issue, it might just be that the product was in fact defective to being with.

Just call sandisk and have the replace it again, as tedious as it might be. the one year warranty applies to the original product and any that sandisk send you in replacement.

I got my player from my kid and he had already broken the headphones.
I’ve had that problem with other stereos and radios.
Some headphones, the plug is just slightly longer than it should be. So when you push it in all the way, it goes too far in.

Try a few other sets of headphones and see if they work.

Or you can just put a small spacer on the plug so it does not go in so far.