audo problems

Hi everyone. I’m having trouble with my mp3 player and I’m just wondering if anyone might have any advice on the problem other than return it. My sanza c250 (black 2GBs) started to lose audio to the left side yesterday. I can hear it if I put in the head phone jack half way and sercure it with a rubber band. So I was wondering if anyone had the same problem as me since this the the second time this has happened and the first mp3 (the same one) was sent back to Sandisk for an even exchange. I don’t think it is the headphones since I can hear them perfectly if I plug them into my laptop or my gameboy. So anyone have any advice?

yeah the same thing has happened to mine.  I have the same model as you do and i have tried three different headphones, two of them brand new.  I want to return it but i bought it from amazon so i don’t know where to go.

I have the model C240 1Gb, and  I’m having the  same trouble  -please advice what to do –

Give tech support a call.  They should be able to help you.

I got  it !!!

I just upgrade my firmware from the next link 

watch out ! 

use  the SansaC200A1_01_00 firmware–from the next liknk 

 1.01.00 2007-Jul-26 07:47 

NOT USE these or you will lose the capability to change MSC mode in your sansa C240 

  1.01.05 2007-Jul-26 07:46 -  -   
   1.01.06 2007-Jul-26 07:46 -  

Simply extract the SansaC200A1_01_00   and rom files into the root folder of your device in MSC mode and then disconnect it from USB. It will “upgrade” (or downgrade if you wish). 

Be sure to pay attention to the region code. 


A is America. 
E is Europe. 

… Not really sure about the rest. 

I hope thats help to solve your trouble too

Reverting to A1.01.00 fixed the problem for me.  Brand new out of the box Version 1 unit, lost left speaker on each song at exactly the same place (though not the same place for each song).  It came with version 04.  Thanks for the info jcarlos.