3 Sandisk Sansa MP3 players have broke in 5 days!! I need help!!

First off I have severe tinnitus(ringing in the ear)and I use my MP3 players to listen to masking noise to help me cope with it. In the past week I have had 2 Sansa Express and one Sansa c140 just flat out stopped working. I thought it was odd that both of my Express players would go down just a few days apart.

So I bought the Sansa c140 model and had all my tracks installed. I was listening to it then all of a sudden it just stop playing and it showed I had zero songs installed. On the screen it says something that there is no space for DB. Have no idea what that means. I’m using Windows Media Player and up until now have never had a problem.

When I plug all 3 players in the USB port nothing happens. I really can’t believe all 3 players broke in that short of time. Any ideas on what I should do? I really appreciate your help. Thanks!

I would say there’s something wrong with the files you are putting on them, rather than the player’s themselves going kaput.

 So what should I do to fix the problem? Thanks for your reply!

The Music DB error is our best hint regarding the problem.  There’s a file corruption at play.

First, reset the player.

Next, let’s force a manual MSC connection, necessary to access the device for the next step.

Check out this solution to repair the FAT (corruption).

I listed each solution with multiple devices, as this may help you best.

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Tried everything and still nothing happens. How can 3 Sansa MP3 players all break within a couple of days? My new one is being returned and will be using my 3 year old Sony Walkman. Computers are great when they work. No more MP3 players for me.

PROBLEM SOLVED!! Transferred all my songs from WMP to a CD and then transferred all my music from the CD’s to the good ole reliable cassette’s. Dug out my 2 year old Sony Walman,dropped in a new battery and problem solved. Sorry but I don’t see a MP3 player in my future.

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I’m sorry to hear you have run into problems with the Sansa, they really are tough little guys overall.

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