The Sandisk Sansa Express Problem

I just spoke to tech support about the problem we are having with our Sandisk Sansa Express MP3 player (discussed through out this forum).  The problem is we have bad computers, microsoft and corrupt files that is causing the problem.  I, of course, just threw my computer out the window and will get a new computer before I use the 3rd Sandisk Sansa Express that has been replaced.  How dumb of me to think there was a problem with the Sandisk Sansa Express!

I just bought a Sansa Express a couple of days ago. Right out of the package I noticed a volume getting stuck on high problem. Now you have to update the firm ware!  It should just play music right. I could have chosen so many others.  Now I can’t upload songs onto it. I’m not very happy. Very very dissapointed.

So I know what you mean by having problems. I hope they fix these issues soon. I don’t have a bad computer I have a brand new up to date computer.

When I delete some mp3s through Ubuntu Linux, Sansa Express started to repeat “building database” message. I basically reset to factory setting with square button at the front and volume up. However it didn’t solve the problem so I format to the sansa disc from XP and it worked…