c150 music organization

why oh why will the sansa c150 not correctly transfer over song genre tags, no matter how i transfer? msc mode, mtp mode, directly through windows xp, using windows media player (11), it only sends over a couple of the genre tags. what gives? why advertise a feature if it doesn’t work correctly? fw: 2.0.007a

try using media monkey to edit all your id3 tags, i hear that works well.

the tags are all edited through windows xp. genre tags show up in media player 11 and in windows xp, just not on the sansa c150. why should i have to use another program at all?

because there are different version id3 tags, and you might not have the right versions. And besides, your method is apperantly not working, im offering an alternative. Not sure what else you were hoping for.

I use wmp to edit my id3 tags and for the most part it works, when it doesnt, i use media monkey to verify and always works after that.

ok, i will try media monkey. any other simple id3 tag editor programs out there you have used?

some people like to ues mp3tag (at least thats what i think its called)

media monkey 3.0 didn’t work. synched 367 songs over to my c150 with media monkey, only 28 listed under genre. 28/367 = 7.63%. all songs synched had a genre set and listed in media monkey. any clue why genre tags aren’t making it on to the c150 ?

is there a pattern to the ones that are and are not making it?

what do the ones that dont work ahve in common? maybe files are from a different place? file format? If there are 2 songs with the same genre, does one show up while the other doesnt?

seems random, haven’t really studied which ones transfer and which don’t.