can´t see my c240 in my computer


I have one problem at the moment and hope you can help me :slight_smile:

When i connect my c240 to my computer i don´t see the device in my computer but winamp can see the device. Someone knows what the problem is? And when i try to transfer media to the player i get an error. Don´t remember the error code at the moment, sorry!



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Welcome to the forum yocke!

What if we put the player in MSC mode? To do that we jut go to settings on the player itself and then to usb mode. From here we will see eithier auto detect or MSC. Make sure MSC is highlighted, once you select it then it should take you make one previous menu.

From here we can turn the player off and connect it the computer. Does it appear in my computer now? What about in device manager?

Device manager can be accessed by right-clicking on my computer and selecting manage from the drop down menu.

The error code would give us some insight as well, so when you can, just provide that.


If your player is detected by your PC when the player is set to MSC and not recognize when set to Auto detect, after having the same problem with my player, I find out the minimum system requirements for any MTP or PlaysForSure device is windows XP at least service pack 1 and windows media player 10 or higher.  I suggest that you check your pc and make sure it has these system requirements for MTP or PlaysForSure devices.

Thx! Now my device works agin :slight_smile: Did a format and the error did´t show up agin everthing works fine! Thx allot!


Please forgive the boldness of this email, but you seem to know what you are doing and I do not.  I tried to connect my sansa c240 to my  computer to add more music into the player.  I use windows media player to do so.  My computer does not recognize my device.  It keeps saying there is no device, yet it is connected.  I tried doing what you suggested and it didn’t work.  I tried going into my computer and nothing.  It like the device isn’t even plugged in at all, yet it is all plugged in.  Any other suggestions?  I would be ever so greatful!

Thank you.

what does it say on the screen of the player, or in device manager? you can right-click on my computer and select manage to access my computer

Im assuming you are running windows XP, yes?