Questions about the C240

I just picked one up and am rather please except for a couple of questions. It has firmware 01.01.00p. What has been improved with the new firmware? Is there a way to play music from the player while connected to the pc? Thats my only real gripe at the moment. TIA.

They don’t really tell people what the firmware updates change so I’m not sure about that.

There’s no way to play music from the player while connected to the pc (at least none that I’m aware of).

Thats a major flaw then, well not that major but something they forgot about. While I recharge at work, I’d like to listen. Something else I dont like is that you cant play music from it through the pc either which is basically part of the original issue I mention. I’m sure Sandisk can simply fix this with firmware. My iriver was able to do this.

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you can play the music on the player via PC, i do it all the time.

How? When I plug the USB plug into device and computer, all I see on the sansa display is “Connected”.

Also, you cant create new folders on device via windows explorer. I wish it was basically treated like a hard drive. You have to take an extra step and create it on the pc and transfer it over. Ehh, I mean overall cool lil device. Love using it in the car plugging it to the AUX, sounds nice.

when I said you can play it back via the PC, i meant you can connect it to the computer, open up the player, and double click on the songs. It will then play ack via WMP or whatever program you have as set to default.

In regards to making new folders on the device, do you have the player in MSC mode? go to settings>usb and check. You should be able to create and rename files to your liking in this mode.