MSC mode?

Hey, I’m considering getting a c200 series MP3 player, but have a Mac. Somebody on here said the player will work with my system, but only in “MSC” mode. Which component needs to be switched to MSC? My computer or the Sandisk player? And once this is done, and the player is hooked to my computer, what kind of window can I expect? Will I be able to see a list of songs as I drag and drop?

This will be done on the player. From the main menu on the player, head to Settings, then “USB Mode” (or something along those lines). You should see an option for Auto-Detect or MSC. Adjust as needed.

Thanks for the info! I still would like to know from any Mac user out there what their experience has been like using the Sansa with their Mac system? I don’t want to buy this player if it will be too much trouble to use on my computer.