Sansa c250 With the Xbox 360

It said on the xbox site that the 360 suported sansa players, but wen i plug mine in it duznt even show up. I have updated my players firmware, updated my xbox, checked my cable and its working fine, but for some reason its not workign in the 360.  Anyone know how to solve this problem. Thank You.

p.s. I have a version 1

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is the c200 in msc mode? I have a 360 as well… im gonna have to try this when I get home.

Well i put it in msc mode , my xbox sees it now, but none of my music shows up, is it safe to put stuff on in msc mode while having all ur music in the other mode?

yeah it is.

just format it and reload all your stuff in msc mode. put it in the music folder and try again.

POOP i didnt know u needed to format the sd card, and wen i loaded my reg music into the msc it hid all my music on my card, its still on there its just not seeing it, is there a way i can like back this stuff up or am i screwd?

yea, just copy it to the desktop. Or in a folder of your choice. Copy + Paste should work.

I struggled through this as well. For some reason the sansa’s like for the music folder to always be hidden so what you need to do is create a separate folder and put all your music into that folder. This music cannot be hidden or otherwise the 360 cannot see the files. The player also has to be in MSC mode but once you have both of these accomplished you can play your music directly from your Sansa. If you only select to unhide the music folder the Sansa will rehide the folder the next time it starts up.