is there a firmware update for Mac? if so, can you post a link please?

hi, this may seem incredibly stupid but the FirmWare thread says Windows only and after searching around i can’t find an actual link that explicitly states “Mac version, download” or something like that.

is there some update for Mac users? if so, can you kindly post a direct link to that page?

i have a Clip Plus, 4 gb, BTW, and i’m using a newer intel iMac.


There is no specific firmware version for the Mac.

Note the instructions in the Clip+ Firmware Post:

Mac  and  Linux  users can connect their Clip+ in MSC mode and follow the instructions below. 

MSC mode instructions:

  • Turn on the Clip+
  • Navigate to “Settings” on the menu of the device itself 
  • Next select “System Settings”
  • Next, navigate to “USB Mode” and select “MSC”

thanks for the reply and sorry if i’m thick, but i’ve seen that and don’t understand the intent.

does that message about MSC mode mean there is no need to update the firmware or that it doesn’t exist for the mac?

or does it mean the PC update will work on a Mac so long as i switch to MSC mode? that doesn’t sound like it makes sense but those instructions don’t clearly state (to me) whether that’s in place of an update or in addition to for Macs.


p.s. i’m using my Clip Plus with my iMac all ready; i just want to know if there’s a Mac-compatible update that will improve functionality or stability in some way. if not, i can get by.

It means that the firmware update is for the PLAYER, not the computer it’s attached to. You download the same firmware on either computer, then transfer the firmware fom the computer to the player. The MSC part refers to the USB mode selected on the player. You need to use MSC mode because the other choice (MTP mode) is a Windows thing.

ah, ^^^^, i did not understand what firmware was.

thanks for clearing that up.

The good news is is that once you update the clip+, you’ll probably never have to do it again.  It’s been almost a year since the last update so it’s highly unlikely Sandisk will release any more.

MSC mode is a good mode to leave the player in since it is compatible with many different types of operating systems.  Once you update the firmware, the mode will reset by default back to auto detect, so I recommend that you reset it back to MSC on your player.