Clip firmware upgrade for Mac?

I checked my Clip - version 1.01.05A - and wonder if there is a firmware upgrade/Mac. The1.02.16 is apparently only for Windows. My Clip continues to work well - I use it almost only for FM - so perhaps there’s no need for an upgrade. 

Do you have a Clip or a Clip+ (Plus)? The 1.02.16 update is only for the Plus. You can identify the Plus by the presence of a microSD slot. There’s a separate thread for the Clip firmware. In any case, your computer’s operating system is irrelevant. The thing that’s Windows-only is the Sansa Firmware Updater software, which automates the update process. You can still do a manual update by following the instructions in the firmware update thread, whether your OS is Windows, MacOS, Linux, or whatever.

And there’s so little difference between the .15 and .16 version, I wouldn’t even bother with updating it. Especially if you only use the player for the FM radio.

There’s nothing in the new release that you, as a user would even notice or benefit from.