Sansa c240 files

I am not able to delete files on my Sansa c240.  When I connect to my PC the items in DATA show as palm database files.  I can not see where it lists any of the songs so I can delete the ones I don’t want.  They show on the Sansa c240 but on the player it doesn’t giv eyou an option to delete them.

Can anyone help me out with this?


I too would like to know this

deleting files in MSC mode in MTP mode

other helpful videos

Thanks Drlucky.  This worked great for the songs that I added I was able to clean those up.  What it wouldn’t show me is the files for the songs that came preloaded on the player.  Any tips on how to get rid of those?  Your help is greatly appreciated.

quickest way is to reformat teh player

Thanks - that is what I did and works like a charm.

This is probably the most helpfull board I have been on.

You all are great.